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Josh Wilson

Photo by Craig Mahaffey

Montana & Brixton

Josh Wilson Photography

Everybody say "Hi Josh!"

Josh Wilson has always had a passion for photography and an indefinite interest in the stories of others. In 2009, he decided to capture life's moments professionally and established Josh Wilson Photography. Since then, Josh has perfected his craft with a plethora of shoots of weddings, engagements, maternity, and more. Josh is also a university relations photographer for Clemson University.

Josh's style is described as adventurous and charming. And personally, Madi doesn't have the dialogue to properly describe it yet!

As a man of many hats (yes, he does have a handful of head wear), Josh is the dad to two bright eyed boys, Brixton and Montana. These soggy bottom boys keep him on his toes with their many requests of planting watermelon, chicken nuggets, and pop tarts in their backyard garden. Josh finds his zen at the bottom of lakes spearfishing for catfish with the bros. When he's not looking through a camera lens, this man can be found building sustainable contraptions or talking to the ghost in the photography office.

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